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We were Awarded 2nd Prize, Best Documentary at the 14th Annual Alliance for Community Media, Northeast Regional Film Festival. There were 500 entries in this film festival and we won second place in the Professional Documentary category.




“It will be one of the most enlightening documentaries that you will ever watch. The path to spiritual happiness will be brought

to you in your living room and it will be a definite keeper for your library.”

Christopher Granger, The Examiner, Link




 "This DVD is a must for fans of Mantak Chia who want to know the origins of such an influential living Taoist master. "  

Las Vegas Informer... Link




“Documentaries like this are such a hard push, as the subject matter is so particular that you must have an interest to want

to pick it up. I’m suggesting that you guys need to take a chance on it.”

~  Anderson Vision... Link



Testimonials from Movie-goers



'How it all Began' is a must-see!

This film is a must-see for anybody who is a student/practitioner of Taoist tai-chi/chi-kung or related Taoist practices.  It provides not only a very clear and important history of how this practice developed in the United States, but also its contextual and theoretical underpinnings. The philosophy and approach to healing and to good health of Master Mantak Chia is offered in a comprehensive and easily understood manner.  It is also in many ways a visual treat.  I highly recommend it!

~ Larry Diamond, Associate Healing Tao Instructor


"There is something more to Tai Chi than I originally thought"

I am not a practitioner or user of body work or Tai Chi.  Even so, I found the history of Master Chia and his followers to be interesting and well told.  It was especially interesting to see the juxtaposition of the very early footage and young faces with the recent footage and old faces.  After watching the film I am more inclined to think that there is something more to Tai Chi than I originally thought. 

~ Ashley, Boston, MA USA



ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Chris, USA


Excellent..........BRAVO !!!!!  

I am very pleased with this documentary.......excellent..........BRAVO !!!!! Having done both film work and post production editing,  I can really appreciate the long hours, details, hard work, and creativity in this documentary.  This DVD is an invaluable asset to enhancing the credibility of  The Healing Tao teachings of Grand Master Mantak Chia, 

Respect and Blessings.
~ Bruce Randall, USA


The film was fantastic! 

The night was wonderful, and the room was full of love!!!  Thank you for all of your hard work on this tribute to the Healing Tao and to Rons' memory. Thank you also for including me in this magic night. I look forward to working with you and the healing Tao in the future. My best wishes. for a wonderful holiday ,

~ Love , Harry, USA


Thank you! 

Thank you for making such an informative documentary. Informative for the new students, nostalgia for me at least, you are of the younger generation. The collage of cosmic images blended into the history and the interviews creates a mystical realm I dissolved into as I watched the film.  

~  Dr. L. Young ~ New York, USA






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